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Mononobe-Okabe Spreadsheet

Excel 2010 Spreadsheet with all the bells and whistles in case you don't want to spend the time to create and proof your own.

WASP Version 1.1 with Free Demonstration Mode

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If you have some interest or questions about this program or the contents of this website, please feel free to contact us in the Guestbook (under "About Us") or at (my day job).

Purchase Mononobe-Okabe Spreadsheet

We've added all the bells and whistles to allow you to understand the geometry you are entering, include the equations, and show geometry of the resulting failure wedge. Yes you can do it yourself, but it will take some time to validate your results.

Use the following button to purchase a copy of the spreadsheet for $16.


When you finish paying on the Paypal page, when you confirm to the Paypal page that you will return to this site, instead the Paypal link will send the link to download a zip file containing the Excel 2010 file. 

If you did not follow the instructions above and did not follow the download link, feel free to e-mail me ( and I can send it to you. It appears that I get e-mail confirmation of payment within about 1/2 hour.


What you do when you get it is up to you. No proposed limit on copying or sharing. It is password protected only so that one does not inadvertently delete or modify the contents. The password is in the lower right corner of the spreadsheet.

Download Most Recent WASP Program Version (Free in Demo Mode)

The limit equilibrium Wedge Analysis of Seismic Pressure (WASP) program is FREE in demonstration mode, but requires the purchase of a license file to operate fully.

The WASP program is a stand-alone application designed to operate on Windows XP and Windows Vista, and generally also older versions of Windows 95. WASP-Windows-Setup.exe unpacks the required files, performs all necessary setup, and creates the \Program Files\WASP folder. (It also provides an uninstaller available on the Start Bar/All Programs link if you wish to remove the program). The program provides both English (lb/ft/s) and metric (kN/m/s) operation.

In demonstration mode (without a license), the program has all functionality of the actual program except: Soil unit weight is restricted to 95 pounds per cubic foot (or alternately 25 kN/meter^3), and friction angle is restricted to 27 degrees. So if you happen to live in a universe where soil has exactly these properties, it is not necessary to purchase a license and our software is fully functional at no cost (let us know and we'll write it off as a charitable donation)!

This version (Version is created October 8, 2016. If you download a new version, we have found the new version can generally be reinstalled over the old version without uninstalling the old version. Caution, uninstalling the program removes the WASP program directory (e.g.C:\Program Files\WASP), therefore it may delete anything else in that folder (including the license file, if you have one).

Let us know what you think of it.

Limit Equilibrium Wedge Analysis of Seismic Pressure (WASP) 1 year license ($85)

Once we receive your payment statement by Paypal, we will e-mail you a license file specific to your company office, which will unlock the limitations of the demonstration mode for a 1-year period. Paypal also allows you to pay with a variety of credit cards.

As noted in your license agreement, it is permissible to create multiple copies of this program for use within the same business location, which could be defined as the same company and city. For laptop users, we request that this generosity be applied to the laptop owner's principal office only (as well as to the laptop). This description will be included in your license file. Therefore, you may want to save the downloaded file to disk before running (size, 7.7 Mb) so that you can reinstall the program for other users on computers later.

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