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Excel 2010 Spreadsheet with all the bells and whistles in case you don't want to spend the time to create and proof your own.

WASP Version 1.1 with Free Demonstration Mode

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If you have some interest or questions about this program or the contents of this website, please feel free to contact us in the Guestbook (under "About Us") or at (my day job).

Online Help

The website provide recently switched from (defunct?) to  There are still some bugs/fixes to be dealt with on this conversion (September 2023)

Online help consists of two areas, program operation (below) and parameter selection


If a particular questions is not answered below, please contact me at


Hmm, I notice that the e-mail address directs you to a pop-up window for Windows Live. If you don't have that, I suggest copy and past the address to your e-mail account rather than use it directly. I hate signing up for yet another online feature I will never use again.

Necessary Files

Two files are needed - WASP-Windows-Setup.exe which you can downloaded for free and will work in demonstration mode, and a license file valid for 1 year which we will e-mail to you shortly after your purchase. As noted in the license, you are allowed multiple copies for a given office (same town or city) which can be used by yourself or others, so we recommend keeping a copy of both, in case you might delete or need to reload either.

WASP-Windows-Setup.exe unpacks the required files and performs all necessary setup for Windows XP or Windows Vista, and creates a program folder within the Program Files folder. Without the license file, the program works in demonstration mode, which means we have limited to friction angle to 26 degrees and also limited the unit weight. The program after 2 years will suggest you to download the latest version from the website, if there are significant improvements by that time.

The license file, wasp.license, may be placed in the same folder in Windows XP, but more properly in Windows XP and required in Windows Vista, should be placed in the user's home folder, which is by default C:\Users\User_Name\etc. The license file references your company office and location, and also includes the date expiration information.

The setup also creates a uninstall program which can remove all traces of the program. Please note that if the only copy of wasp.license is in your C:\Program Files\WASP folder (or wherever the program is installed) it will likely be deleted also. 

License Period

Do not alter the contents of the license file in any way (actually, the initial portion of the file outside of the { } delimiters is just a comment), or it will be corrupted and not work.

If you lose or damage the license file, you can e-mail to request a new one. We have not set policies about how to decide whether you are the actual user or not. Preferably, you will need to provide a copy of the license file if it is corrupted. Likely, we will e-mail the new license file back to the original e-mail address to which we sent the file originally. Therefore, if you are a secondary or following user of that license, you may have to contact the original purchaser to have them forward the license file to you.

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